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    Want to fly further, or behind more obstacles? Want to have the confidence to push yourself into areas that were a bit too sketchy before? Simple tracker automatically determines the direction of your airplane or quad and points a high gain directional antenna at it.  Most FPV (first person video) pilots fly with some sort of omni-directional antenna with a gain of approximately 0.7-1.0 dbi.  Helical antennas by themselves have a gain of 11+ dbi, but have a very narrow beam width, so for best results especially with aerobatic maneuvers an autonomous tracker is needed.  Much like a pair of binoculars that work really well to see a target, you must know where to point them!  Simple Tracker is an automatic aircraft tracker that points a high gain antenna directly at the FPV aircraft - giving the absolute best performance in FPV! 

    Download the instructions HERE for an in-depth look!


    + Automatic untangling (bounce back)
    + Can use any pair of receivers that have a RSSI output of 0-5v rising or falling. Not limited to 5.8gHz. Use our receivers, or yours! 900mHz 1.2gHz 2.4gHz 5.8gHz
    + Simple to program 
    + On the fly adjustable gain 
    + Advances algorithm that filters inputs and even leads target. 
    + Servo reverse and travel limits automatically calculated during setup
    + Easy adjustment of signal strength differences between receivers
    + Antenna mounting bracket can be easily bent to point antennas in best direction.
    + Can work with 1 diversity or 2. 
    + Full 360 + degrees of travel
    + Wide input voltage range 6 - 23 V
    + Nothing needs to be added to the aircraft!
    + Simple tripod available also (extends 14" to 34" tall)!

    Use less TX power and go further than you did before! 

    Into DIY and would rather build your own kit? Check out Simple Tracker Lite